Festival beauty: 8 important to assist you stay fresh at every event from Reading to Glastonbury

You may have pictures of VIP sun loungers at Coachella but, in truth, were more than likely to be slumming it in a tent at Glastonbury in this country.

If you're headed for a weekend of mud and music this summertime, you'll need these 8 beauty products to stay fresh at celebrations with.

Wipes these are going to be your buddy.

You'll use hundreds, so you wear t wish to invest a fortune, however you do want ones that are kind to your skin. These are enriched with moisturizing Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil.

There isn't much room inside a camping tent, so miniatures are everything.

You likewise aren't going to have that much access to a clean shower, so this deodorant that doesn't stain clothes will keep you smelling wonderful and provides 48-hour security.

If you venture into the showers at Glastonbury, you re braver than me.

Otherwise, you'll be needing something to stop your locks resembling they've been deep fried.

This travel-size unnoticeable dry shampoo is amazing and helps in the fragrance department too with its Neroli, Amber & Lemon fragrance.

You're not going to want to be carrying your makeup bag with you to a celebration, so this compact set from Benefit consists of everything you have to look healthy, bronzed and presentable.

There's a mini lip and cheek tint, lip gloss, bronzer with brush, liquid bronzer and mascara.

You invest the majority of your time at festivals outdoors, and unless you want to be peeling all over the joint, you have to wear an SPF.

Seriously however, exposing your skin to the sun without an SPF is very harmful, however this one will see you right as it lasts 8 hours at a time.

In the lack of a sink, this mouthwash will keep your breath fresh, keep your mouth 99.9% bacteria-free and lower plaque.

Put yours give out in the dark at a festival and God knows exactly what you'll end up touching.

This sweet-scented anti-bacterial gel will eliminate bacteria when you can't get to soap.

You aren't going to be getting much sleep, so a great eye cream is an essential to keep you looking well-rested.

I love this one from Liz Earle which is very hydrating and helps in reducing puffiness and dark circles.