Must-have beauty products for your eyes

Highlight your inner charm and add more spark to your eyes by quickly using these products.

Eyebrow pencil

The legendary Viva Cosmetics Eyebrow Pencil is still an appealing beauty product after all these years. Choose black to get that deep and natural black color, while the brown provides a light and practically reddish outcome to your eyebrows.


The "coffee break in a stick" Benefit Eye Bright Instant Eye Brightener Pencil will refurbish your eyes even if you've had less than 5 hours of sleep. It can be found in a fat, classy pencil that can be sharpened. The concealer has a velvety texture, making it is simple to mix into your under-eye area. It matches all skin-tones and leaves a glittery effect on your eyes.


The product comes in 2 various colors: deep black and brown that contains honey extract to keep your skin moist. It has a smaller size with a slim and sharp brush head on top that will streamline you in developing a line over your eyes.


The water resistant product has both flat and rounded sides on its brush. The product likewise lasts longer and is excellent for those who have oily skin.

Eye shadow

The combination consists of 12 pink to rosy colors that are suitable for daily use or smoky eyes. The color blends easily into your skin-- available in matte, satin, or micro-glitter surface-- although often it is better to use an eye shadow guide.